When first burning your candle, let the melted wax reach the edge of the jar. This should take between 2 to 4 hours depending on the size of the jar. This helps prevent your candle from tunneling or not melting all the way to the edge on future burns.

After that, we recommend burning your candle no longer than 4 hours at a time (2 hours for the minis due to their small size!) for the best quality and to make your candle last the longest! Once there is 1/4" to 1/2" of wax remaining, it's time to switch to your next Flameworks Apothecary candle!

We're so glad you asked! Trimming your wick is so very important for wooden wick candles!

With a wooden wick, you are literally burning a piece of wood. When you trim your wick, you are making sure to keep the flame of the candle from getting too large. This also makes your candle last longer since it doesn't burn too hot when properly trimmed. It will also burn cleaner which means little or no soot!

Our candles are made from 100% soy wax. We have found this to be the cleanest burning wax. It also has a higher melt point which means that your candle will last longer than a typical store bought candle!

Soy wax is biodegradable. We also use soy wax that comes from USA grown soybeans. We come from a family of farmers, so this is important to us!

We love wooden wicks for the crackling noise they make when lit! Our wooden wicks are sustainably sourced. Wooden wicks also burn hotter than a cotton wick which means your candle will smell stronger.

We use high quality fragrance oils that are carcinogen, mutagen, and toxin free. Our fragrance oils are made up of essential oils, synthetic aromatic fragrances, and diluents.

There are three types of fragrance notes that make up an entire scent.

Top note - This is what you first smell when you remove the lid from your candle.

Middle note - This is the heart of the fragrance and what you smell while your candle is burning. It can take 10 to 20 minutes after lighting a candle for this scent to develop.

Base note - This is the scent that lingers after the candle is extinguished. It gives the candle its lasting quality.

We love that you are repurposing your jar! There are several ways you can clean out your jar.

If you have a wax warmer that is large enough for the jar to sit on it, this is a great way to actually get more use out of your candle! You can still enjoy the fragrance that is left in the 1/2" of remaining wax by placing it on top of the warmer and turning it on. This will heat up the leftover wax and melt it just like the wick would. To empty the jar, I like to pour it in a lined trash can that may have something absorbent in it like paper towels. Do not pour the wax down your drain! It will solidify and clog it.

Another way is to fill your kitchen sink a couple of inches with hot water. You can sit your jar in the sink and it will soften the wax on the inside. Then reach in and scoop out the soft wax and discard in the trash. Wipe out the jar before washing it to remove as much wax as possible.

We have not tried the last way but some people like to put their jar in the freezer. When wax gets cold it shrinks so it should pull away from the jar and be able to pop out! Discard wax in trash.


We want you to be happy with your candle. We have a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy. If you are not happy with the scent of your candle, reach out to us at and we can start the return or exchange process. Item must be new and unused.

Due to being a small business, we are not able to cover the shipping costs of items being sent back to us. We will cover the shipping cost of an exchange being sent to you. Exchanges or returns must be made within 30 days of delivery. Refunds will only cover the cost of the items, not of the shipping to return them.

We are so sorry your order didn't arrive to you in one piece! Please take a picture of both the package and the damaged items and email them to us at as soon as possible.

Damaged items will be replaced immediately. If the damaged item is unable to be replaced, you can either select a comparable item or a refund.

With wooden wick candles, it is so very important to trim your wick! Sometimes if the wick has not been trimmed, the wax can not go up the length of the wick to fuel the flame to keep it lit.

Once your wick is cool, you can use wick trimmers, toenail clippers, or even your fingers to push off or clip the end of the wick where it is black. If using your fingers, you can break it off until it does not easily break anymore. The wick will break off right where it needs to! Go ahead and try to light your candle again. This solves 99% of problems! If you are still having issues, please reach out to us at and include pictures of your candle and the wick.

We do! Please reach out to us at with as much detail as possible and we will help you with the next steps!

We do! Please reach out to us at and we'll get the next steps going!

We are happy to take back any of our glass jars that are 7 ounce or larger and give you a $1 off discount for your next purchase!

Some of our vessels are great to have refilled! Specifically our concrete vessels and tumbler jars. Please email me at to arrange for a refill.

In both jar returns and refills, you do not need to clean out the vessel first! We are happy to do that for you.


Most often we are able to ship orders next business day! During peak season it can be up to three business days.

During the summer months, we may only ship items on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays if it is too hot and your order is at risk of sitting in a hot delivery truck over the weekend. We want to make sure your order does not arrive melted!

We offer free local pickup at Crimson House in Ossian, Indiana. Use code LOCALPICKUP when placing your order. We drop orders off on Tuesdays and Fridays by 12:30pm.